You're looking at Mr. Toad in his underwear

When filmmaker and theme park aficionado Matthew Serrano looked into why Disney's Mr. Toad character is sometimes depicted wearing gray pants and sometimes red pants, he came up on a shocking revelation. Portions of his Twitter thread follow.

In the original movie, Mr. Toad is only shown wearing red "pants" when his actual, gray, pants are removed, revealing red underwear….

… including a flap for doing his toad business.

So when Mr. Toad is shown with red "pants," which is very often, you are actually seeing him in his unmentionables…

… which is actually more discreet than some Disney characters, who wear nothing down there at all.

Here is Mr. Toad in that original cartoon, titled The Wind in the Willows, based on the classic 1908 novel by Kenneth Grahame.

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