Sheriff gave out deputy badges for cash, say prosecutors in Virginia

What can one do with a Deputy Sheriff's badge from Culpeper County, Virginia? They must be good for something, because Sheriff Scott Howard Jenkins, 51, made $72,000 selling a bunch of them. Indicted on 8 counts of bribery, 4 counts of fraud and a count of conspiracy, Jenkins joins three of the men accused of bribing him in the dock.

The purported bribes date back to at least April 2019, officials said. Howard informed the bribe payors that their deputy badges would allow them to carry concealed weapons without a permit in all 50 states, prosecutors said. "Scott Jenkins not only violated federal law but also violated the faith and trust placed in him by the citizens of Culpeper County by accepting cash bribes in exchange for auxiliary deputy badges and other benefits," U.S. Attorney Christopher R. Kavanaugh said in a statement. "Our elected officials are expected to uphold the rule of law, not abuse their power for their own personal, financial gain."

Jenkins is quite famous for using his office for fun stuff. A Trump man, obviously.

Jenkins's department was the subject of a deeply reported investigation last November by the investigations team at WRC-TV. Former deputies told reporters the office suffered from "chaos, bullying and turnover problems" and accused Jenkins of creating a hostile environment. Jenkins vehemently denied the allegations.

The Culpeper Star-Exponent followed up on WRC-TV's finding that Jenkins flew first class while travelling the country for work. Jenkins said the county was reimbursed by inmates paying fees and asked: "Have you seen the size of coach seats?"