This El Niño looks to be a whopper

YouTuber Two Bit Da Vinci does a fantastic job explaining what is going on with the Pacific Ocean's El Niño/La Niña phases and gives us an idea of how bad 2023 may get. The last El Niño, in 2016, was extreme, and this one looks to be more.

The Pacific Ocean is huge. Weather patterns in the Pacific influence the entire globe, and after a very odd 3-year cold, or La Niña phase, things are warming up fast. If past performance is any indication of what the weather will bring us, get ready for a very hot summer and a very wet winter.

In my old Northern California haunts, 2016's El Niño brought flooding, and fires! The cycle of water to grow vegetation and then blasting heat to set it ablaze is certainly impressive.

Featured Image:YouTube/screen grab