You can now buy your own 32" e-ink newspaper display

The hitherto-DIY 32" e-ink newspaper wall display (previously) is now a product you can buy: "Your favorite newspaper frontpage on your wall," for about $3,000, made using panels sold by Visionect (which are $2500 alone, shipped.)

It turns out that the dimensions of the screen they sell for corporate use are identical to those of an unfolded newspaper front page. The Place & Play 32-inch screen is pricey (2300 euros ex VAT), but an exquisite piece of hardware. It is made of stainless steel with sharp edges and a glass panel on top. The USB ports are discretely concealed, and the device feels sturdy.

The device is equipped with Wi-Fi and a cloud-based content management system that allows you to load a webpage, for example the PDF of the New York Times frontpage, making it easy to display. The CMS also allows you to configure the screen refresh rate (in my case, once daily was sufficient).

The screen has a convenient VESA mount on the back, making it super easy to hang on the wall with a standard TV mount and allowing it to blend seamlessly with existing décor.

I love e-ink stuff, but it feels like one of those things where cool products like this happen despite the technology.