Drink marketed at young has 6x the caffeine of a can of coke

An energy drink marketed by influencer Logan Paul has six times the concentration of caffeine as coca-cola, and the FDA is "looking into it," reports the Associated Press.

That high content prompted bans from some schools in the United Kingdom and Australia where some pediatricians warned of possible health impacts on young children such as heart problems, anxiety, and digestive issues.

Company representatives, meanwhile, have defended the product as clearly labeled "not recommended for children under 18." They sell a separate sports drink, known as PRIME Hydration, which contains no caffeine at all. Representatives for PRIME did not immediately return a request for comment.

But in his letter to the FDA, Schumer claimed there was little noticeable difference in the online marketing of the two drinks – leading many parents to believe they were purchasing a juice for their kids, only to wind up with a "cauldron of caffeine."

Same business plan as Juul and all the others. Make billions selling addictive drugs to teens, pay millions in fines and settlements. Why politicians picked this one to make an example of, when others have even more caffeine and the same "bro juice" youth-oriented marketing, is another matter.

Correction: Coke, not coffee.