Fox pumps and dumps Ron DeSantis in amusing "Then and Now" video

Fickle Fox can't make up its mind on whether it wants to court or eviscerate Ron DeSantis ahead of 2024. In January, Fox News praised DeSantis as a "10-and-0 team" with a "booming economy," but three days ago he "lacks the charisma we see in other candidates."

Last November, Fox News informed us that the Florida fascist "is the star," and the promising "new leader of the Republican party." But nope, now "he doesn't have the campaign skills."

In February, the U.S. hadn't seen a governor with "that kind of strength this early in a presidential primary" such as ol' pudding fingers. But now? "There is something about you that's not connecting." (See MSNBC's Then and Now video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

All kidding aside, Fox News is in the unique position of being both a MAGA cult leader and a skittish Trump follower that tried but failed to groom another king.

Front page thumbnail image: MSNBC