McCarthy-backed candidate has appeared on anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist's podcast six times

U.S. House candidate Riley Moore, who is personally endorsed by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, thinks anti-Semite Michael Scheuer's podcast is a "tremendous program."

Media Matters reports that Scheuer "is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who has called for the assassinations of numerous Democrats and said that Jewish people are 'disloyal,' 'subversive,' and 'lethal enemies of Americans' who 'must be stopped and then scoured from the continent.'"

In his endorsement statement for the candidate, McCarthy said, "We will need people like Riley."

Moore, who currently serves as West Virginia's State Treasurer, is a member of the rich and powerful Moore-Capito political dynasty in West Virginia. "He is the nephew of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.)," reports Politico. "And next year Moore will be on the ballot with cousin Moore Capito, the senator's son, who is also running for West Virginia governor."