Megyn Kelly goes full Stepford wife, gushing with praise for Donald Trump (video)

Like a defeated anti-hero from a sci-fi thriller in the same camp as The Stepford Wives or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Megyn Kelly showed up on Sirius FM as just a shell of her former mean self. (See video below, posted by Alex Thompson.)

The once feisty former Fox host who used to stand up to Donald Trump, challenging him in the 2016 debates and hitting back after his disparaging "blood coming out of her wherever" remark, flatly praised the MAGA frontrunner for a minute-and-a-half straight. "It was frankly great to see him. You know, all that nonsense between us is under the bridge," she said with a robotic wave of her hand. "He could not have been more magnanimous. … He commands the room. … There's just something about him, it's like an aura that sorta takes over the room…" And your free will.

Of course Kelly is not the first to have her sense of worth snatched by the MAGA pod people. Many anti-Trumpers before her have made the Stepford switch, including, most famously, Ted Cruz, who went from Trump-basher on the debate stage to sycophantic Trump-nuzzler, even after the former one-term prez poked fun of wife Heidi Cruz's looks.

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