TikToker uses AI to reimagine movies, from Gladiator to Barbie, in portrait mode

This TikTok video could be triggering to people who don't like vertical videos. Alex Cerrato, an editor and animator, used Stable Diffusion to imagine what movies like look like if they had been shot in portrait mode.

The films include 500 Days of Summer, Gladiator, Barbie, Kill Bill, Hereditary, The Exorcist, and others. They look really good!

The next step will be to make these 360 degrees so you can put on your Vision Pro headset an immerse yourself into you favorite movies. My first choice for this would be Planet of the Apes. Imagine how cool it would be to stand in the middle of the ape village!


What if the films were shot in vertical format? / ¿Y si las películas se hubieran grabado en formato vertical?#artificialintelligence #Movies#VerticalMovies #Cinema #Filmmaking

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