Apocalypse Clowns is a heartfelt story about clowns at the end of the world

I understand that clowns tend to inspire, um, extreme reactions in a lot of people. I think that's part of cleverness and charm of Apocalypse Clown, a new black comedy from the Irish troupe Dead Cat Bounce, directed by George Kane. The film recently screened at Galway Film Fleadh, and has already received a ton of critical acclaim. Here's the official plot synopsis:

When a mysterious technological blackout plunges Ireland into anarchy and chaos, a group of failed washed up clowns are forced to traverse the country for one last shot at their dreams.

As you can see in the trailer above, the clown troupe in question runs the full range of clown genres, from children's entertainment, to circus big top performers, to miming, and of course, scary-as-fuck clowns. It makes for a fun juxtaposition to the end-of-the-world shenanigans. I'm looking forward to checking it out.