DeSantis complains he defined "wokeness" but that no one knows what he means

Florida's fascist nightmare, Governor Ron DeSantis, is failing out of the Republican Presidential race before it even has started. DeSantis has leaned heavily on the idea of defeating "wokeness" and fighting the "woke" people — but he has been unable to identify it better than "all the people who disagree with me."

Now, DeSantis laments he is the only person who understands what "woke" means.

Crooks and Liars:

"Well, but I think there's an issue about — not everyone really knows what wokeness is," DeSantis interrupted. "I mean, I've defined it, but a lot of people who rail against wokeness can't even define it."

Wokeness, in many instances, is any form of diversity that takes power or privilege away from the white majority. DeSantis uses 'wokeness" as a way to disparage the LGBTQ community and any center-left idea he can rope into his culture war agenda.

Since DeSantis' whole campaign is based on racism, bigotry, and Christian nationalism, the fact that his platform does not poll well outside of Republicans in Florida is no surprise.