Donald Trump warns that "it would be very dangerous" for Jack Smith to jail him (audio)

Donald Trump says he isn't "frightened" by Jack Smith's Jan. 6 indictment, but that it should frighten everybody else if he ends up behind bars.

After posting on Tuesday that he was a target in Jack Smith's Jan. 6 investigation, Trump told Sean Hannity that although the news "bothered" him, he wasn't "frightened." But others should be, he threatened later in the day, when a radio host in Iowa asked him how his fanatic followers would react if prosecutor Jack Smith put him in jail before the trial.

"I think it's a very dangerous thing to even talk about, because we do have a tremendously passionate group of voters … Much more passion than they had in 2020," Trump said, referring to the violent MAGA mob that broke into the Capitol after the 2020 election didn't go his way. "And much more passion than they had in 2016." (Listen to audio below, posted by Republican Accountability.)

To make sure his silent whistle was loud and clear, the twice-indicted thug reiterated, "I think it would be very dangerous."