Trump is loser of new poll against Biden, even if 3rd party jumps in

Donald Trump might be all the rage with MAGA fanatics, but in real life he trails like a caboose on an old-timey freight train — at least according to a new Monmouth national poll. And it won't help him much if a Joe Manchin–John Huntsman third party ticket jumps into the race.

In the survey, conducted July 12 to 17, 47% of registered voters said they would probably or definitely support President Biden, while only 40% said the same for Trump. On the flip side, 58% said they would probably or definitely not vote for Trump, while 52% said the same for Biden.

Toss in the Manchin-Huntsman spoiler, and, well, it doesn't spoil much for Biden, who would still lead Trump 40%–34%.

From Mediaite:

63% of voters professed to have an unfavorable view of Trump and half of voters said they would "definitely" not support Trump in 2024.

The Monmouth poll comes just a few days after Trump announced that he would likely soon be indicted for the third time this year, this time on charges pertaining to his role in the January 6 Capitol riot that followed his previous loss to Biden.

Still, Trump remains the prohibitive favorite to again with the Republican presidential nomination. According to the RealClearPolitics polling average of national primary voters, Trump leads his closest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by nearly 33 points. In the first two contests of the primary in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump leads by 24 and 22 points respectively.

In an appearance on Fox News yesterday, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) suggested that the avalanche of legal peril Trump finds himself in may be the result of Democrats' desire to see him atop the GOP ticket in 2024.

Although it's still anyone's race, the stupidity of the fringe-turned-mainstream right — who is fawning over a twice indicted, former twice-impeached, one term president who caused Republicans to lose the last three elections — never ceases to amaze.