Florida judge, picked by Trump, sets his trial date months before 2024 election

Prosecutor Jack Smith wanted former president Trump's classified documents trial to start in December 2023. Trump wanted it delayed until after the election. Federal judge Aileen Cannon, nominated by Trump while in office, split the difference Friday: jury selection in May and to trial that summer. What a year 2024 is going to be.

The timing of the trial is a few months after the period special counsel Jack Smith had requested, but is a blow to the former president, who wanted to delay the court proceedings until after the presidential election. …Trump faces 37 counts tied to allegations that he willfully retained national defense information, conspired to obstruct justice and made false statements. Walt Nauta, a former White House valet, faces six felony counts stemming from allegations that he helped the former president hide top secret national security files from investigators after leaving the White House. Both Trump and Nauta have pleaded not guilty.

We're at the point where it becomes necessary to have a paragraph in every post specifying exactly which Trump trial it's about! This is the one about him taking classified documents out of the White House after his term in office ended and refusing to return them. Also pending are numerous counts of fraud, etc., in New York, over his hush money payments to porn star mistress Stormy Daniels. He's officially the target of an investigation into the Jan. 6 sacking of the U.S. Capitol by his supporters, too. And finally, for now, is the possibility of charges in Georgia over election interference there. He was found liable last month for sexually assaulting writer E. Jean Carroll in a department store some 30 years ago, and earlier this week a judge tossed his request for a new trial and made clear that he raped her in the "plain sense" of the word.