Angry MAGA man screams at Petco employees over gender-neutral bathroom (video)

An outraged gentleman in Fairview, Ohio shouted at Petco workers when he discovered the pet supply store offered a gender-neutral bathroom. Fortunately, the employees didn't buy into his Fox-fueled anguish.

"This is stupid! People have had enough of that crap," he screamed, seemingly not aware of the pun. "I don't care what your policy is!"

His rage continued when an employee told him he should ask to speak to someone. "I just did! She just told me it didn't matter!" he yelled, furious that nobody in this joint was reacting to him with fear or aggression.

The man, with his bewildered dog on a leash, begins to walk out of the store, but his inner MAGA won't let him go. "Stop with the gender-neutral shit! Men and women are different." The poor chap then marched out, presumably to his home, where one can assume he's installed "men" and "women" signs over each room of the house. (See video below, posted by rach.arianna.)


Gender neutral bathrooms. Screaming at employees over gender neutral bathrooms. @Petco employees handled this so well, major props to them! #makeracistsafraidagain #snowflakes #republicansoftiktok #pride #publicfreakout

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