Neighbors angry at man raising cows on apartment building balcony

A displaced farmer living in an apartment building has infuriated his neighbors by raising seven calves on his fifth-floor balcony in China's Sichuan province. Apparently the mooing and stench was too much for other residents so they called police who orchestrated the removal of the livestock.

From South China Morning Post:

According to the Fengmian News, since they were removed, property management staff and guards have been locked in a battle of wills with the owner of the cows who was trying to sneak them back into the flat […]

"I am sure the cattle never imagined they could live in a building one day," said one person.

"Poor calves, being squeezed onto such a small balcony," said another [..]

The residential compound houses people resettled from nearby villagers, which might explain the situation.

In January, a resident complained that many households were raising noisy chickens in their flats, adding that chickens were one thing, but cattle were quite another.