Marjorie Taylor Greene says RFK Jr.'s antisemitic Covid-19 remarks could be "very real" (video)

In case anyone was unawares, racist space laser expert Marjorie Taylor Greene is also a virologist who specializes in Covid-19 — as the woman of science proves when she comes to the rescue of fellow racist and virologist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"The Democrats are outraged at Bobby Kennedy because he's talking about the very real possibility that Covid-19 could have been engineered to target people by race," she said. (See video below, posted by PatriotTakes.)

Not only is Georgia's Qongresswoman defending RFK Jr.'s recent racist and antisemitic comments — in which he said Covid-19 was "ethnically targeted to attack Caucasians and Blacks" but not "Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese" — but she is also suggesting his pro-Nazi conspiracy theory is "very real." Which makes it real in the malignant, dangerously malleable minds of MAGA.

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