This brand new Apple Mac mini is here for our Back-to-School Sale

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TL;DR: This brand new Apple Mac mini (2018) is a great way to have the feel of an old-school PC with a new-wave feel and all of the promises Apple makes to its users. It's now on sale for only $685.99 as part of our Back-to-School Sale, but only until August 13!

A lot has changed since you sat around doing your homework on a dial-up connection. There's new tech to be had, but it's always ultra-expensive and not accessible. Let's change that.

If you need a new computer but aren't a fan of bulky PCs, this brand new Apple Mac mini (2018) is a great way to have your Apple machine and use it too. More fantastic news: It's only $685.99 (reg. $1099) as part of our Back-to-School Sale, but this price drop only lasts until August 13 at 11:59 pm Pacific!

There's a lot to love here, so let's get down to business. With  Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake and macOS, you just slap a monitor on your desk and watch the Mac mini do its job almost instantly. Using four Thunderbolt three ports, all of your media can find its home easily and efficiently in one space, no matter where it's coming from. As a bonus, there are also two USB 3.1 ports and two HDMI ports for more devices.

Unlike a PC, you can stick this little guy anywhere thanks to its 7.7" size. Even though it is so tiny, you still get a massive amount of storage for all of your pics, videos, and files (32GB of RAM and 128GB storage, to be exact). It's a perfect accessory for any designers, musicians, writers, graphic artists, and basically anyone else who needs a killer piece of tech (even the student in your life).

Grab this brand new Apple Mac mini (2018) for just $685.99 (reg. $1099) during our Back-to-School Sale. Hurry, this deal ends August 13 at 11:59 pm Pacific!

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