Prosperity gospel sermon vastly improved with heavy metal backing track

I can't get enough of heavy metal guitarist Andre Antunes' work, and he's done it again, with this brilliant video featuring his guitar work accompanying the preaching of Terri Pearsons. Pearson is the daughter of prosperity gospel-loving televangelist pastor Kenneth Copeland, who made headlines for justifying his need for private jets—which he bought with money donated by his congregation—by insisting, "You can't. . . in this dope-filled world, get in a long tube with a bunch of demons." He also, of course, went viral with his "COVID-19: Burn This Thing!" sermon.

Terri Pearsons has followed in her father's footsteps. She is Senior pastor at Eagle Mountain International Church, and provides this bio on their website:

I also am President of Kenneth Copeland Bible College, teaching the next generation how to use their faith to live victoriously.

Publicly I preach, I pray and if tapped by the Lord, I may prophesy.

And, lucky for her, she also got the chance to rock out, thanks to Andre Antunes's sweet metal guitar accompaniment.