Couple's 5-star resort vacation marred by drugs, death, and defecation

A couple from Hull, England, expected a pleasant 17-day holiday at the 5-star Riu Republica Hotel in the Dominican Republic. Instead, they claim they witnessed 1) a body under a sheet after a hotel guest fell from a balcony, 2) guests have sex in the pool, 3) a woman vomit on herself, and 4) another guest defecate in the pool.

Hubby Alan (50) shared details of their stay with Hull Daily Mail,

I can't stress how dirty and seedy it was. No one told us that this was a 'party hotel', and I'm shocked that TUI would ever think this would be an appropriate place for my wife and I to stay.

"A woman fell from a balcony while we were there and we walked past and saw her body hidden under a sheet. It was really eerie as we had no idea what was going on.

"When we were out one day, I saw a man knocked clean off his motorbike. I just burst out crying because on top of everything else that had happened, it was such a shock.

"The only time we felt safe on our holiday was at the quiet pool. We didn't risk venturing out anywhere else, we just ate at the restaurant near us so we weren't exposed to any more chaos."

But it wasn't all bad news. Alan also said, "we were approached by people offering us drugs about 10 times in the 17 days we were there." So it wasn't all bad news!

To compensate the couple for the negative experience, the hotel offered £200 in vouchers and counseling.