Desperate Ron DeSantis tries on Rambo persona who wants to "storm Washington" in 2025

Humiliated by his reputation as a buffoon (think knee-high hurricane wardrobe, forced bray, and finger-lickin' his way through a pudding cup, as seen here), Florida's petulant dictator is threatening to "storm Washington" in 2025 and make sure criminals "end up stone cold dead."

"That's the type of leadership we need to storm Washington on Jan 20th, 2025," Trump's less-charismatic mini-me said during the same speech in which he warned, "Those cartel members are going to end up stone cold dead." (See videos below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

Looks like the desperate DeSantis — who just last week talked about "slitting throats" on the first day of his imagined presidency — is trying on a new, darker personality for size. The ego-bruised Florida man will stop at nothing to erase the collective memory of his image as a thin-skinned ivy-league laughingstock.

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