German tourists topple $200,000 Italian statue, flee the country

A group of German tourists accidentally knocked over a 150-year-old statue at a villa they were renting in Lake Como, Italy.

The statue of Domina, sculpted by Enrico Butti, is estimated to be worth €200,000 ($220,000), according to Euronews. The tourists were posing for a photo or video with the statue when two of them hugged it, causing the statue to topple over and shatter.

Euronews reports that one of the tourists "may have been the well-known influencer Janis Danner, who has one and a half million followers on Instagram."

Bruno Golferini, the manager of Villa Alceo in the town of Viggiù, handed over surveillance footage of the incident to police and filed a complaint against the tourists.

"When we realized it, it was too late," Golferini told Italian news station TGCOM 24. "The boys did not respect the ban on entering the fountain and were filmed by video surveillance cameras while two of them embraced the statue, dropping it and destroying it, while four of their comrades shot videos with their cell phones."


Janis Danner, influencer tedesco, distrugge una statua di Butti nella villa affittata a Varese per le vacanze: danno da 100 mila euro #arte #vandali #influencer

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