Mike Pence momentarily snaps, says he "won't stand for" Trump bullying him (audio)

Seething Trump toady Mike Pence momentarily turned into a tough guy during a radio show, saying he "won't stand for" Donald Trump smearing him after the former VP refused to overturn the election.

"President Trump was wrong in saying that I had some right to overturn the election. That was completely false. He continues to repeat it, his allies in the media continue to repeat it, and I'm not going to stand for it," the normally flat GOP candidate surprisingly said. (Listen to audio below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

Granted, the religious Pence is pissed, as he should be, and his repressed anger over his role as subservient bootlicker for four-plus years seeped out for just a moment. But if you think "not standing for it" means he is finally fighting back against his bully boss, think (or listen) again. Along with his fleeting bravado came the usual "I don't know" when talking about whether or not he thinks Donald Trump broke any laws. As in, "I don't know… whether a crime occurred."