People who wear these tee shirts to Disneyland are the worst

I frequently see this tee shirt or a variant of it at Disneyland. The "Thin Blue Line" of I support cops over black people's lives is pretty offensive, and while Disney doesn't make or sell the shirt they do let folks into the park wearing it.

It is not over-sensitive to think someone wears that shirt to Disneyland only to ruin someone else's day passively. They are the asshole. What is the thought process one must go through to buy and wear that shirt to Disneyland, where everyone goes to enjoy a peaceful land of fantasy? What do they think the shirt says? Is it what I fear? They want us to know they hate people who are different, even at Disneyland.

While Disney has a miserable record with IP, I think they should sue the racist thieves who are making unlicensed racist tee shirts and not allow people wearing them into their parks.

Featured Image via Etsy