Caught in the act — Pence pretends to pump gas, forgets to insert credit card

Here's Mike Pence trying to trick voters that he's a man of the people. Wearing an over starched denim shirt, he emerges from a spotless red pickup and starts spouting some nonsense about how he will lead the way to American "energy independence."

As you'll note, the gas cap is missing from the car, and the little door was already open. ("Mother" will be sure to scold him for his absent-mindedness.)

Then, without inserting a credit card, he pretends to pump gas into a truck that he pretends belongs to him. ("Mother" would never allow him to have such a flashy car because it might attract attention from rival females.)

The giveaway is the pump's plaintive beeping that it isn't dispensing fuel, an apt metaphor for Pence's empty promises and zero-energy campaign.