Greene says executing her political opponents is "the right note"

In a recent town hall meeting in Gordon County, Georgia, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to a constituent's call to execute political opponents by telling the crowd, "I think we're ending on the right note." Medias Touch posted the exclusive video.

"What is the penalty for treason," asked the constituent. "Ok? We know that treason has been released and nobody is prepared to answer for it. Something has got to be done. It's treason. Our country, our Constitution has been stomped on repeatedly… People have got to be tried for treason."

Greene said "yep" to the constituent's treason rant. Another constituent yelled out, "And death penalty!" Greene's response was a laughing affirmation: "I think we're ending on the right note."

Meidas Touch points out that this incident is not the first time Greene has agreed with calls to kill political opponents. "CNN has previously reported that Congresswoman Greene indicated support for executing Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and FBI agents prior to running for office."

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