Musk's ex-girlfriend describes their relationship as "the best internship ever"

Known HR problem Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk's ex-girlfriend, the mother of two of his offspring, Grimes, is talking about everything she learned and how she improved by dating the horse-for-sex CEO. Her descriptions sound like the relationship was particularly toxic, with Grimes being treated as an intern. This is unsurprising as Musk apparently reproduces at work.


Here's how Grimes defined the give-and-take of her relationship with Musk, the unabashed right-wing billionaire with whom she shares two kids:

"I learned from him, like, the best internship ever. People don't like talking about Elon, but it was incredible to be right there watching all that SpaceX stuff happen. That's a master class in leadership and engineering and makes you understand how rare it is to have a leader of that quality."

I, too, dream of a romantic relationship that's akin to an internship—and with a man who allegedly told one of his ex-wives that if she were his employee he'd fire her, no less.

Grimes, for some reason, seems to be obsessed with Musk's performative intelligence and imagined business acumen, even as the "X" owner has decimated two-thirds of Twitter's value over the course of months. "Elon has an old-world kind of discipline I really respect. And I think it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. They don't want to be in that hardcore zone," Grimes told Wired. Thanks to Musk, she said, "I'm now way tougher and smarter than I used to be."