Lawrence (the band) releases a new docuseries and single

Lawrence (the band) has had a good month. A few weeks ago, they announced they are going on a four-month tour with the Jonas Brothers. I've been following Lawrence, who I wrote about here five years ago, almost since the start, and this is pretty amazing.

Just a few years ago I saw them play gigs at the sign-in are for a half-marathon, and in the lobby of an apartment building. And tomorrow, they're playing Yankee Stadium.

And they just launched a documentary series about their last tour, in support of their "Hotel TV"album. The first episode has been released on, and it's a great introduction to the band. It gives you a sense of how much fun their music is, and how popular they've become.

And on Friday they released a new single, "I'm Confident That I'm Insecure."

Just for fun, here's a video of a 2023 London performance of "Don't Lose Sight," their song from "Hotel TV" (2021) that ended up being featured in a Microsoft commercial.