Japanese company creates vertical nap pod to sleep standing up

A Japanese company is reinventing the nap pod to save space. The Giraffenap pod is oriented vertically for upright sleep. It's apparently being tested in some cafes in Japan but I wouldn't be surprised to see them as (little-used) conversation pieces in Silicon Valley starts-ups soon.

From Oddity Central:

Each Gireaffenap pod features an alarm system that can be set by the user, as well as support points for the various parts of the body – head, buttocks, calves, and feet, to ensure that the user maintains their upright position when napping. The pods also feature a height adjustment system so that anyone can achieve the perfect posture while using them[…]

Giraffenap is currently being implemented in some coffee shops in Japan, and if the reception is positive enough, we might start seeing them in other venues as well.