Nerds cereal commercial from 1986

Once upon a time in 1986, there was a Nerds cereal based on the classic Nerds candy. The cereal only lasted a year on the market. I imagine that this cereal was nothing but a parent's worst nightmare, a sugar-bomb that came in orange/cherry and strawberry/grape options. 

After collecting a few nerds cereal boxes and sending in fifty cents, one could order the Nerds cereal bowl. This special bowl came with two different comparets that could be connected or separated through a little detachable divider. This way, you could enjoy your nerds cereal flavors separately or combined.

I've had a sugar craving all day long, and I love obscure junk foods. I'm now daydreaming of what fun it would be to eat some nerds cereal out of a special nerds cereal bowl. Sigh.