This cooling fan clips to your clothes or hangs around your neck and gives you up to 15 hours of breeze per charge

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TL;DR: This Mini Waist Cooling Fan clips to your clothes or hangs around your neck and gives you up to 15 hours of breeze per charge. It's here on sale for $49.99.

Even though the summer looks like it's closing up shop, it never fails to still sneak up on us well into Autumn when it otherwise should have taken its final bow. We love the sun and will always take hot heat over frigid cold, but sometimes you just need a little cool down without messing with your warm weather vibe.

If you need a little breeze where the sun sneaks up on you, this Mini Waist Cooling Fan is a great idea for exercise, outdoor chores, or just keeping it cool. It's here on sale for $49.99.

Whereas the sun will beam down and bite you in the tuchus, the Mini Waist Cooling Fan will keep you cool as the other side of the pillow. With three speed settings and 15 hours of usage per charge, you can pretty much run a marathon and still feel ice cold doing it.  And, yes, it is totally rechargeable, so you're never futzing with AA or AAA batteries to keep your body temp at a rational level while gardening.

The best part is it's totally hands-free. Just clip it on an external piece of clothing by the waist using the inner belt clip or hang it around your neck using the necklace strap. Either way you're destined for chilliness all day long (and maybe a cold drink among the inside air after the day is done and your cooling fan has done its duty).

Don't get caught camping, hiking, fishing, or watching your neighbors fight in the middle of the street over who the patch of grass that lines their house belongs to without having a blast of cool air keeping you comfy. 

Get this Portable Mini Waist Cooling Fan, which includes the USB cable, neck strap, and user manual, for $49.99 (Reg. $69).

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