Save or splurge on one of these portable radios on sale for as low as $149.99

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TL;DR: Whether you're camping or kicking it around the house, you can listen to tunes from all over the world with either of these Eton Elite radios. The Elite Executive is small, portable, and $150 while the Elite 750 is big, powerful, and $459.99.

There's something special about sitting back and listening to the radio, whether you're lounging around the house or kicking back on a camping trip Netflix wasn't invited to. Portable radios are actually making a pretty major comeback now that it's not that expensive to get one that can pick up practically any signal in the world, but they still vary in quality and price. 

Eton is a big name in the radio business, and they've got two awesome options that you can use to tune in to signals from around the world. 

Save on the Eton Elite Executive for $149.99

The Eton Elite Executive is small, mighty, and Amazon's Choice radio with 4.3 stars. This compact radio has an international receiver that can pick up a range of signals, and you can tune it manually or digitally. It even comes with a little leather case to help keep it safe while you travel. 

Notable features

  • AM, FM with RDS, LW, and SW
  • Only 6.6-inches wide
  • Precise volume 
  • 700 memory stations 
  • Clock, alarm, and sleep timer 
  • FM telescopic antenna 
  • Can be powered with an AC adapter (included) or four AA batteries (not included)

Splurge on the Eton Elite 750 for $459.99

The Eton Elite 750 is a desktop radio with a classic look and modern advancements in sound quality, range, and quality of life controls. This powerful radio could be a fun companion for camping trips, a fixture in an RV, or popping onto a shelf at home. And it can pick up signals from all over the world. Got a minute? Ride the airwaves around the world and see what's playing. 

Notable features 

  • AM, FM, LW, SW, and aircraft band frequencies 
  • 1,000 memory stations
  • Works as an alarm clock or speaker
  • Line out socket to broadcast radio on another device 
  • Long-range AM antenna 
  • Connections for AM/FM antenna
  • Powered with 4 D batteries (not included) or AC adapter (included)
  • 7.1 pounds and 14.65-inches wide

Listen to music from around the world!

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