Spice up your Waze with the "Chalmette HeyBrah" voice pack

If you're tired of all of the voices on your Waze driving navigation app, here's a new one that will bring you levity to your daily commute—it was recorded by Shane Ansardi, who lives in Chalmette, Louisiana, and features a distinct New Orleans regional accent called "Chalmette HeyBrah." Chalmette is a suburb of New Orleans and is the seat of St. Bernard Parish—which locals also call "The Parish" (or "da Parish").

Fox 8 Live explains Ansardi's Waze project: 

Ansardi recorded his voice, rich with a Chalmette accent, to be used for directions on the popular GPS app Waze. What once was a sterile, robotic voice instructing your next move on the road now feels more like a buddy riding shotgun, guiding you with phrases like, "Aright we about to go, keep your hands and your legs inside the vehicle at all times" and "All right let's do this, let's roll, brah."

With Ansardi's characteristic intonation and phrases, drivers will now be directed to "hook a right" or "a lef," turning every drive into an amusing conversation.

The initiative gives a new spin to the typical navigation experience, making each drive feel closer to home, regardless of where you might be headed. Ansardi's voice not only provides directions but also lightens up the mood of your journey with its unique cadence and familiar charm.

You can hear a sample here, and if you want more, go get Waze and download the "Chalmette HeyBrah" voice option.