NY Times reports on Mark Meadows's strategy of self-preservation; MSNBC shares speculation he has "Sung like a canary"

Mark Meadows is looking out for himself. The New York Times reports on Trump's former Chief of Staff taking a strategy of self-preservation and not one of sticking to Trump's party line. Having worked for Mr. Trump, Meadows is very familiar with how likely he is to be thrown under the bus as the Orange Menace looks for anyone to whom blame may stick.

NY Times:

The plan by Mr. Meadows to be quietly cooperative with prosecutors without agreeing to a formal deal was hardly a novel strategy. It is what many subjects of investigations do when they are facing exposure to serious criminal charges. But in this case, the stakes are especially high for both Mr. Meadows and Mr. Trump.

Mr. Meadows's goal was to give investigators the information they requested when he believed he was legally obliged to provide it. But he also used the law to push back when he considered the requests to be inappropriate or potentially dangerous to his own interests, the person familiar with his legal game plan said.

The strategy began playing out almost two years ago, when Mr. Meadows agreed to provide some documents to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack but fought its attempt to take his deposition.

There is a lot of speculation over Meadows cooperating with the DOJ, with some saying he has "sung like a canary." It seems he is most likely taking the safest path for himself in a situation where jail time could be on the horizon.

Featured Image: MSNBC/YouTube