Trump skips debate because "he's scared to death of" one of the candidates, says GOP's Adam Kinzinger (video)

Adam Kinzinger, one of only ten Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the Capitol insurrection, addressed the elephant in the room when it comes to the primary debates. "Trump is a coward," he said on CNN, before zeroing in on why the four-time indicted ex-president won't show up tomorrow night.

"He's scared to death of Chris Christie," Kinzinger said on CNN. "I think Chris Christie is gonna wipe the floor with him, and I think that's what he's afraid of." (See video below, posted by the Recount.)

Christie is one of the only Republican candidates not afraid to hammer Trump every chance he gets, and hammer he does — pretty skillfully, too, as to be expected from a bully and former federal prosecutor. Being the rare candidate not strapped into a MAGA straightjacket, he will at least make the circus act entertaining.

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