Inside a Japanese micro apartment — could you live in 90 Sq Ft?

YouTuber Cash Jordan recently stayed in a tiny 90 -quare foot apartment in Osaka, Japan for 24 hours to see what it would be like to live in such a small space. In this video, he gives us a tour of the micro apartment, which rents for $40 a night, showing us all the features crammed into the tiny home.

Despite its small size, the apartment is well-designed and manages to fit in a sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, and even a washing machine. As Jordan shows us around, we get a look at the apartment's clever space-saving hacks, like the bathroom door that folds inward so it doesn't hit your knees when you're sitting on the toilet.

While 90 square feet may seem impossibly small for most Americans, Jordan demonstrates how it could work. He does encounter some challenges, like uncomfortable seating options, not enough outlets, and a noisy bar across the street. But overall, he makes it work and seems to enjoy the cozy, efficient lifestyle.