L.A. Sheriff's deputy charged after allegedly trying to cover up colleague's DUI crash

A sheriff's deputy in Los Angeles County is accused of trying to cover up a fellow deputy's August 2022 DUI crash, in the Santa Clarita Valley, by pulling the alleged drunk's "limp body" out of his wrecked patrol car before anyone else noticed. Unfortunately for Gregory Davis, 54, who faces charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice and lying to police, a passer-by was watching the whole thing unfold: an off-duty LAPD officer.

On Aug. 26, 2022, an off-duty sheriff's deputy crashed his marked SUV while allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. The crash occurred in Stevenson Ranch, in the Santa Clarita Valley of Los Angeles County. Davis arrived, allegedly pulled his fellow deputy's limp body out of the crashed SUV and placed him in the vehicle of his fellow deputy's wife, who drove him home.

Prosecutors say Davis then attempted to move the deputy's SUV before a retired LAPD officer passing by called authorities. Davis initially did not identify himself as an off-duty deputy.

Davis works for a specialized unit that includes the department's High-Risk Tactical/Rescue Teams.

"Ensuring law enforcement accountability is essential to maintaining public trust," District Attorney Gascón wrote in a press release. "A law enforcement officer obstructing an investigation into unlawful conduct by another deputy undermines the integrity of the justice system. We will hold accountable both the officer who committed misconduct and those who participated in covering it up. No one is above the law, especially not those that are sworn to uphold it."

I wonder how limp the body was, exactly. Did he appear dead? I just want to know exactly how weird and Fargoesque the situation was for the witness.