Trump's glowering mugshot and questionable weight

Donald Trump has been booked in Georgia, and his mugshot is perfect, much like his phone call.

I wonder how long it is before Trump tries to issue this as an NFT?

Fulton County

There is also speculation that Trump was not actually weighed in during the process and was allowed to imagine a weight that he would like to be. The reported weight of 215 pounds is far, far below the online bookies odds.

Raw Story:

"Doesn't look like they put him on a scale," the network's Dana Bash is heard saying during Thursday night's coverage of the former president's arrest.

Speculation about the 6-foot-3 former president's weight has driven betting sites to post odds on the former president's Fulton County weigh-in.

The website BetOnline as of Wednesday set the over-under for Trump's reported weight at 278.5 pounds.