This electric dirt bike can be your kid's new favorite gadget for $449.99

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TL;DR: The Voltaic Kids Electric Dirt Bike 12" Cub is a great gift for kids who are just learning to ride but also want a little slice of speed. It's here on sale for $449.99 (Reg. $499).

As autumn approaches and the weather starts to get wonky, the kids are going to feel a little cramped. The weather isn't frigid quite yet, and they still have plenty of time to go nuts outside. However, without the right tools, they're probably just going to run each other ragged until the leaves fall.

If you're looking for an awesome gift for the littles, the Voltaic Kids Electric Dirt Bike 12" Cub is a hot ride. It's here on sale for $449.99 (Reg. $499).

Perfect for kiddos 3-5 years old, this bike is a great way for them to practice their sweet skills before you give them that extra electric addition. The 12" wheelbase is a perk that allows for stability and balance, and you'll find solace knowing that this bike encourages pumping the breaks before they get going.

Once they're up and running and have a handle on everything (bike puns, we got 'em), the two speed levels go between 5 and 10 MPH. That way your little one can choose to go slow or fast, depending on their comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the bike includes a vacuum-integrated seat cushion, so your brood will want to ride well into the night.

When you run out of juice, the battery gets a quick charge and you're back for up to an hour of zip time. That gives the kids just enough time to play with another cool gadget and get pent-up energy so you have the night to yourself (how novel).

Get the Voltaic Kids Electric Dirt Bike 12" Cub, which includes the charger and assembly tools, for $449.99 (Reg. $499).

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