DeSantis claims second place is victory

Ron DeSantis's campaign is sicker than an unvaxxed Floridian loaded to the gills with Ivermectin. In an attempt to make it look like he's got a chance against Trump, he's now saying that second place is actually the first place.

From Politico:

"We believe it's already a two-person race," a top DeSantis campaign official granted anonymity to discuss strategy told POLITICO. "But the reality is, on the ballot there are other choices, and our goal is to get this down to a two-person race on the ballot, especially as we head into South Carolina and beyond into March."

Speaking ahead of DeSantis' weekend trip to Iowa, the official said "a strong second-place showing gives us an opportunity to go in[to] New Hampshire and show success."

"I don't think there's a single state we have to win," the DeSantis campaign official said. "I would say there's a lot of pressure on the former president of the United States not to lose Iowa."