New Mexico sheriff openly defies Gov. Grisham emergency gun ban order (video)

Looks like there's a new governor in town, in the form of Sheriff John Allen of New Mexico's Bernalillo County, who announced that he will defy an emergency order for a 30-day concealed and open carry gun suspension by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Because to heck with law and order.

"She knew we as law enforcement did not agree with the order," the indignant sheriff said at a press conference today, furious that the governor made a decision without first getting his approval. "Let me be clear: I hold my standards high, and I do not, and never will, hedge on what is right. … In reference to conceal carry and open carry, the Bernalillo County Sheriff's office will not enforce this segment of the order." (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

Grisham's order came two days after a road rage shooting left an 11-year-old boy dead in Albuquerque — a mid-size city that has seen 73 homicide cases so far this year, according to KOAT. Of these murders, 83% involved guns, with "individual disrespect" being the most common motivator behind the killings.

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