Man won't stop talking about how he swapped toilet paper for $15 bidet

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Before I went to Japan, I was your typical American, using dry toilet paper and considering bidets as items used by the peculiar French aristocracy. However, my encounter with the magical wonders of a Japanese toilet bidet, complete with heated seats, built-in music, and perfectly aimed jets of water, converted me.

Upon my return to the United States, I was determined to find an affordable bidet alternative that could replicate that feeling of freshness and luxury. I didn't purchase the DUDE Wiper 1000 model, but I bought one that's basically the same. So why am I shilling for the DUDE Wiper 1000 self-cleaning dual nozzle bidet attachment? Because you can get two for $29.99.

Amazon is selling them now for $88 for two. Do you want to spend more than double the Meh deal? Go ahead.

Ah, the DUDE Wiper 1000. The name suggests a desperate desire to convince even the manliest of men that they can enjoy the cleanliness of a bidet. The "1000" at the end is a nice touch; too. It's as if the company ran out of words to express "this is a good bidet" and decided, "Let's just slap a big number on it. That'll show 'em!"

Dumb name aside, the DUDE Wiper 1000 can transform your bathroom routine from dry and dull to an invigorating experience. Its adjustable nozzles allow you to modify the water pressure and spray pattern for the ideal clean. Say goodbye to uncomfortably chafing or constant wiping with toilet paper. A targeted spray will have you squeaky clean in seconds.

Installation couldn't be easier — there's no need to call an extortionate plumber or replace the entire toilet. Simply remove the seat, connect the attachment to the water line, and then replace the seat. It fits most standard toilets and is available in either black or white.

As a bidet convert, I can't fathom going back to toilet paper alone. The DUDE Wiper 1000 delivers a refreshing clean sensation that only a bidet can. While it may not be as sophisticated as those high-tech Japanese toilets, it's a budget-friendly way to upgrade your bathroom routine. And at half the price I paid for my bidet, it's an absolute bargain.  

Get two DUDE Wiper 1000 bidet attachments for $29.99 at Meh.