The cult members of Trump-landia

This video from The Young Turks is a stream of Trump supporters discussing made-up issues. The things they examine as reasons the country is in trouble have all been debunked many times. Only "news" outlets like OAN, Newsmax, and Fox try to pass these theories off as reality, but Trump is their savior no matter how many (91) criminal charges he is under.

Here a neuroscientist attempts to explain whats up with Trump supports cognitive dissonance, from Raw Story:

Researchers placed participants into the confines of an fMRI scanner and presented them with a mixture of factual and abstract statements. The results were illuminating. Disbelief, it turns out, is cognitively demanding. It requires more mental effort than simply accepting a statement as true. From an evolutionary perspective, this preference for easy belief makes sense; a perpetually skeptical individual questioning every piece of information would struggle to adapt in a fast-paced world.

What does all this have to do with Trump supporters? Well, it's far less cognitively demanding for them to believe anything their leader tells them. Any challenge to what Trump tells them is true takes mental work. This means there is a psychological incentive for Trump loyalists to maintain their loyalty. (I wrote about this phenomenon in a slightly different context in the Daily Beast article "Religious Fundamentalism: A Side Effect of Lazy Brains?")