Open-ear headphones that play through your head?! Get 'em now for only $33.99!

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TL;DR: Ideal for exercising outdoors or for taking calls from anywhere, the Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones are on sale now for only $33.99!

How dangerous are your headphones? Most people don't actually know. The truth is that while earbuds and standard headphones each have their perks, they can often present hearing issues in the long run, per the Sound Guys. A new solution that keeps your ears clear while still transmitting vivid, pronounced audio is open-ear headphones.

These unique headphones work through advanced bone conduction technology, which sounds way more intense than it actually is. All that means is that the sound is transmitted through vibrations through your head instead of through the air like standard headphones. As a result, your ears aren't plugged away with earbuds or headphones; they're open to hearing surrounding noises in addition to what's playing on your headphones.

Noise-cancelling headphones are great for certain situations, but when it comes to running or walking outdoors, you don't want to be totally checked out. The open-ear design keeps you alert of your surroundings — from oncoming traffic to passersby — while still letting you listen to that workout playlist you worked so hard on. Plus, the headphones are IPX6 water-resistant so that they can brave the elements … and, um, your sweat … without getting damaged!

If you're picky when it comes to ear gear, open-ear headphones are your best bet. You don't have to squish them into your ear canal, and they're not clunky like most over-ear headphones. These ultra-lightweight headphones sit above the ear for comfortable listening.

With a super long battery life — up to six hours of uninterrupted playback — these headphones are also ideal for powering through long workdays. Listen to your favorite focus music, then take calls using the built-in mic. And with your ears open to your surroundings, you can make sure you're not being that person who's screaming their call for the whole office to hear.

Jam out without totally tuning out! Get the Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones now for just $33.99. 

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