Florida Nazi arrested

A Florida man who draped Nazi banners from an interstate highway overpass was arrested Tuesday and charged with what Daytona Beach News described as "displaying messages without obtaining permission."

[Jason] Brown has been linked to a group known as the Order of the Black Sun. According to the Anti-Defamation League, this group is Florida-based and focuses on distributing literature and demonstrations promoting hateful ideology. … Prior to being arrested for this infraction, Brown's previous charges include domestic battery by strangulation, contempt of court, and tampering in a felony proceeding. He's also been accused of stealing and destroying a Jewish man's phone during another demonstration.

Well, what did you expect? A nice Nazi?

UPDATE: I looked up the weird law being referred to there. It isn't exactly as dumb as the story's wording suggests, but it nearly is.

DeSantis in April signed HB 269: "Displaying or projecting any message onto a private building without the written permission of the structure's owner."

Police interpreting this law as "protest banners on public property are now illegal" is … not a good sign.