Children's football referees brawl as kids watch

Punches were thrown by referees at a kids' football game on Saturday, and all the youngers in the under-9 game could do is watch as the officials scuffled. The live-streamed fight broke out as Beaver Falls led Aliquippa 14-13 in a Beaver County Youth match taking place north of Pittsburgh.

Spectators can be heard yelling, "that's that Ohio (expletive), you can't do that here in Pennsylvania", in addition to "he trying to cheat". The words "the Ohio ref was talking crazy, and the PA ref stuffed him" could also be heard.

The video was posted to Facebook (Warning: general atmosphere of adults screaming and shouting and living vicariously through their offspring) and the action begins at 38 minutes in. Though media is reporting it as a "fight between 2 referees," it looks like one man is the aggressor and the other tries to push him away.

WPXI News 11 out of Pittsburgh: "there are concerns about the message it sent to the young athletes who witnessed it."