The TikTok video that perfectly sums up LinkedIn's hideousness

This TikTok video presents everything wrong with LinkedIn. Which makes sense, because a video showcasing the good things about LinkedIn would be zero seconds long.

If you've spent much time on LinkedIn, these will hit home:

  • "Did you get my last 14 InMail messages? Let's connect."
  • "I've been: Fired 10x. Rejected 1000x. Jailed for fraud. Each setback is an opportunity for a comeback."
  • "I work on an airplane while you watch Netflix. Here's 10 ways you can be as insufferable as me."
  • "You're using ChatGPT wrong! Here's 15 new Al tools."
  • "Someone viewed your profile! Pay us $40/month to find out who!"
  • "I see you live in New York and work in finance! Are you interested in a janitorial position in Nebraska?"
  • "WFH is killing office culture!"