Unidentified falling object? Roof of Arizona home mysteriously damaged (video)

Nobody is certain what caused the damage to the roof of a Phoenix, Arizona couple's home, seen in the below video. According to Lisa Sikorski, she was in her home office last Friday afternoon when she experienced what felt like an earthquake. "I felt like the house was going to fall down," she told 12News. "You just hear the boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom, but continuous. That's what it sounded like and it was really extremely loud."

No object has been found that could have caused the damage while the Federal Aviation Administration had no reports of objects falling from the sky. According to a roofer who inspected the damage, it's possible that a gust of wind lifted the tiles. I think the more likely explanation is that a small UFO crashed on the roof, bounced off, and zipped back into the sky before anyone noticed.

(via Coast to Coast)