MAGA supporter blames Biden for deer accident costs (video)

A MAGA gentleman attending a Trump rally expressed his displeasure at the current administration for making things too expensive.

"I just had to purchase a new car because a deer totaled my other one," he told a reporter.

I'll bet that deer was a Democrat and totalled his car on purpose.

"And it.. just… everything… the cost of everything is way too high," he added.

When Trump was President he would push the "LOWER PRICES" button on his desk. But Biden won't do it, out of sheer cussedness.

The reporter commiserates with the Trump fan, decrying the high price of medical care. "Insurance," he says. "Medical insurance as well."

The MAGA man corrects the reporter. "Well, fortunately, I'm on Medicare so that helps out a lot right there. And I'm a veteran, so I've got I've got my VA benefits."

Thank God for capitalism and private enterprise for creating Medicare and VA benefits. If the Democrats win again, they would replace them with some kind of commie program like private insurance!