MAGA-brained Louisiana Rep. says Covid met him at "death's door" but is not dangerous (video)

Only in the mad, mad world of MAGAland does language make less sense than if one were to simply grunt. Take Congressman Clay Higgins (LA), for example, who, in nearly the same breath, says Covid is "not dangerous" and that Covid is so deadly, it met him at "death's door." Which is how he answered the simple question by Rep. Joe Neguse (D–CO) on whether or not he thought Covid was dangerous.

"I would put a virus along the lines of the flu far down on my list of priorities that I would consider dangerous," he uttered. But when Neguse introduced a 2021 newspaper article from Louisiana's Advocate titled, "Clay Higgins: 'Covid Almost Killed Me,'" the reptilian lawmaker blinked, then slowly changed course.

"Yes Sir, I faced death's door from the Delta variant of Covid, and I remain very heavily inoculated," he said, going on to brag about the fact that he was fully unvaccinated. "I battled Covid a couple of times. One time brought me to death's door," he repeated. (See first video below, posted by Acyn.)

But apparently, knocking on death's door isn't nearly as dangerous as facing a 25-year-old peaceful activist, like the one the frightened lawmaker aggressively pushed and manhandled as if he were fighting for his life, back in May. (See bottom video, posted by Farron Balanced.)

Front page thumbnail image: Clay Higgins / Courtesy of C-Span